3 May 2009

Call for papers: Vermi-technology for Solid Waste Management

Call for papers: Vermi-technology for Solid Waste Management

A special issue of International Journal of Environment and Waste Management

Vermicomposting is the process of decomposition of organic matter in which the mutual actions of earthworms and micro-organisms are used to convert the organic waste into vermicompost, a rich soil fertilizer. Almost any agricultural, urban or industrial organic material can be used for vermicomposting providing that it does not contain any toxic material that can harm the earthworms.

Due to increasing urbanisation, industrial growth and high cost related to waste treatment facilities, solid waste management is done in an unsustainable manner, mainly in developing countries. This leads to serious environmental problems in terms of air, ground/surface water pollution and contribution to global warming in the absence of the leachate and gas collection systems in landfills.

Vermicomposting technology provides a sustainable and low input basis to overcome these problems through the management of organic fraction of solid waste streams. Therefore, we call for papers addressing research on vermi-technology for solid waste management and the related areas.

Original research paper or reviews are invited in the following and related areas:
  • Vermicomposting of solid wastes from different origins
  • Earthworm and microbial activity during vermicomposting
  • Growth and reproduction of earthworms
  • Fate of different parameters during organic matter transformations
  • Role of enzymes in vermicomposting
  • Assessment of maturity of vermicompost
  • Recovery of nutrients during vermicomposting
  • Optimization of conditions for different types of vermicomposting (batch, continuous, in field, etc.)
  • Vermicomposting and soil fertility
  • Effect of vermicompost on microbial populations in soils
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 31 December 2009
First turn of papers review: 28 February 2010
Second turn of papers review: 30 April 2010
Final papers submission: 30 June 2010


MJ said...

I didn’t know much about this until I read an article about a school starting their own worm bin to compost leftover cafeteria food. Kids learn and are helping the environment. They’ve inspired me to at least be more watchful of my food waste.

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