26 May 2009

Special issue: Biosecurity research and strategy: responding to evolving threats and challenges

International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 12(2-4) 2009

  • The meaning and practice of biosecurity
  • Biosecurity from the ecologist's perspective: developing a more comprehensive approach
  • Terrorism, biosecurity and endogenous risk
  • Risk assessment and management of animal disease-related biosecurity
  • Pathogen security: the illusion of security in foreign policy and biodefence
  • The bug and the bomb: medical readiness as a national strategic priority
  • The future of biosecurity
  • Societal stability, public health and primary care as three pillars of defence in biosecurity
  • Enhancing biosecurity through early recognition and reporting of public health risks: meeting the challenges of the revised international health regulations
  • Simulation to assess the efficacy of US airport entry screening of passengers for pandemic influenza
  • Facility location and multi-modality mass dispensing strategies and emergency response for biodefence and infectious disease outbreaks
  • Biosecurity, international trade and invasive species: improving US capacity to assess risk
  • Material control and accountability for laboratory biosecurity
Submitted papers
  • Strategies to improve the communication of probability information in risk analyses
  • A test of the relationship between self-classified financial risk-tolerance and investment risk-taking behaviour

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