30 May 2009

Special issue: Rurality and sustainability

International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology 8(2-4) 2009
  • Multitasking in the rural world: technological change and sustainability
  • Mapping rurality: analysis of rural structure in Turkey
  • Organic agriculture as a new player in sustainable regional development? Case studies of rural areas in Eastern Germany
  • Rural restructuring and local/regional governance in the Baltic States after 1990
  • Rural development programmes and strategic environmental assessment: towards a sustainable rural territory
  • The innovation of policy making in rural areas: the Milan case study
  • Assessing the impacts of local and imported produce on the public and the environment
  • Role of multicriteria decision-aid (MCDA) to promote sustainable agriculture: heterogeneous data and different kinds of actors in a decision process
  • Building a static farm level spatial microsimulation model for rural development and agricultural policy analysis in Ireland
  • Decoupling and agricultural investment with disinvestment flexibility: a case study
  • Food security and sustainability policy in Asia
  • Characteristics of rural smallholder communities in northern Vietnam, with particular emphasis on dairy farming

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