13 May 2009

Special issue: The International Emergency Management Society

International Journal of Emergency Management 5(3/4) 2008

Papers from the TIEMS (The International Emergency Management Society) 15th Annual Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic, 17 - 19 June 2008
  • Towards a model for team learning in multidisciplinary crisis management teams
  • The professional development of planners, developers and managers of crisis team exercises
  • The role of information technology in maritime education for hazard avoidance
  • Towards a research framework for critical infrastructure interdependencies
  • Emergency management international: improving national and international disaster preparedness and response
  • Emergency cooperation between the USA and Mexico in disaster management: co-dependency and geopolitics
  • Emergency management structure for use in the Alaska Native elderly population
  • Accident scenarios for marshalling yards in The Netherlands: private or public fire fighting
  • A plan for (certain) failure: possibilities for and challenges of more realistic emergency plans
  • Disaster response: community mental health service capacity in the USA
  • Improving emergency response capability: an approach for strengthening learning from emergency response evaluations
  • Business continuity as an adaptive social process

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