7 May 2009

Special issue: Combustion, fuels and emission control in internal combustion engines. Part 2

International Journal of Vehicle Design 50(1-4) 2008
  • Numerical simulation of gasoline-fuelled compression ignition combustion with late direct injection
  • Experimental investigation of electrostatic effects on ethanol and ethanol-diesel blend sprays in atmospheric ambiance
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of diesel spray behaviour in high pressure common-rail systems
  • Experimental investigation of the effect of split injection on diesel engine performance
  • The effect of diesel engine conditions on the size and morphology of soot particles
  • Experimental investigation of the effect of combined hydrogen and diesel combustion on the particulate size distribution from a high speed direct injection diesel engine
  • Experimental study on the combustion characteristics of a high speed direct injection diesel engine fuelled with natural gas
  • Design issues concerning thermofluidynamic and acoustic aspects in a diesel engine suitable for aeronautical applications
  • Pollution duality in turbocharged heavy duty diesel engine
  • Engine performance and emissions from the combustion of low-temperature Fischer–Tropsch synthetic diesel fuel and biodiesel rapeseed methyl ester blends
  • NOx emissions of biodiesel as an alternative diesel fuel
  • Effect of soybean oil ethyl ester/diesel fuel blends on engine efficiency
  • Rice bran oil methyl ester fuelled medium-duty transportation engine: long-term durability and combustion investigations
  • Dual fuel operation of ethyl ester of Jatropha curcus with ethanol by fumigation
  • Combustion analysis of a direct injection diesel engine when fuelled with sunflower methyl ester and its diesel blends

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