3 May 2009

Call for papers: Data Mining and Control System Applications

Call for papers: Data Mining and Control System Applications

A special issue of International Journal of Social Network Mining

This special issue will cover two main areas of advanced research - data mining and control system applications. Data mining is dedicated to exploring and analysing large volumes of data, by automatic or semi-automatic means, to discover meaningful patterns in describing the given data. With these large volumes of data, the data owners have an imminent opportunity to turn them into useful knowledge. Boosted by industrial needs and supported by numerous developments in machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and database systems, data mining research has now rapidly spanned various fields from computational science, business intelligence, social sciences, life sciences and scientific computing, to ecology and geology. Data mining research topics also spontaneously evolve to solve real-world challenges such as mining web, stream data, graph and social network data, and other types of complex data from complex data environments.

A control system is a dynamical system that affects the behaviour of another system. Control technology permeates every aspect of our lives. We rely on it to perform a wide variety of tasks without giving much thought to the origins of the technology or how it became such an important part of our lives. Control system applications cover the uses of control systems, both in the common and in the uncommon areas of our lives. This special issue also covers high-quality papers on original, theoretical and experimental research and development in the area of systems and control, including all aspects of control theory and its applications.

This special issue invites contribution on all topics of data mining and control system applications, including but not limited to:

Data Mining Topics
  • Classical Data Mining Algorithms
  • Mining Web, Multimedia, Graph, and Complex Data
  • Data Quality, Access Control, and Privacy Issues in Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence and Risk Assessment
  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Control System Applications Topics
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Control and Systems
  • Energy and Environment
  • Mechatronics
  • Power Electronics
  • Signal Processing
Important Dates
Extended abstract of no more than 3 pages due: 14 August, 2009
Preliminary acceptance/rejection notification: 16 October, 2009
Full paper due: 18 December, 2009
Final acceptance notification by: 12 February, 2010
Camera-ready paper due: 9 April, 2010

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