25 May 2009

Special issue: Nanoelectronics

International Journal of Nanotechnology 6(7/8) 2009

Papers from 2nd IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference held in Shanghai, China, 24-27 March 2008
  • The high-field drift velocity in degenerately-doped silicon nanowires
  • Solubility, dispersion and bonding of functionalised carbon nanotubes in epoxy resins
  • Complementary multi-gate tunnelling FETs: fabrication, optimisation and application aspects
  • Local bond average for the size and temperature dependence of elastic and vibronic properties of nanostructures
  • Structure and wetting properties of metal polymer nanocomposites
  • Surface studies of carbon-based ZnO nanocomposite films
  • On the channel length dependence of negative bias temperature instability in nano-CMOS technology
  • Evaluation of adhesion pull-off performance of nanoparticle-based inkjet-printed silver structure on various substrates
  • Nano-scale modification and doping of diamond: interesting science and promising technology
  • Masked ion beam irradiation of high-temperature superconductors: patterning of nano-size regions with high point-defect density
  • Dynamic tuning of slow light transmission in manual nanostructure photonic crystal waveguide
  • Synthesis and random laser application of ZnO nano-walls: a review
  • Effect of chemical oxidation on the gas sensing properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
  • Study of photoluminescence quenching and DC conductivity measurements in polymer-SWNT composite films for various SWNT concentrations
  • Room-temperature synthesis and characterisation of ion-induced iron-carbon nanocomposite fibres
  • Fabrication of carbon-nanotube enhanced piezoelectric membrane for biosensor application

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