26 May 2009

Special issue: Critical issues in financial information systems in a networked business economy

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations 6(4) 2009

Papers from the Sixth Wuhan International Conference on E-Business which was held in Wuhan, China, 26–27 May 2007
  • Factors that influence the exports of Pakistan
  • Research on cost allocation for interorganisational systems
  • Using networks to access international internship opportunities
  • Financial intermediations, underwriter reputations and underwriting risks in China's stock market
  • The dynamic relationship between spot and futures prices of the soybean futures market in China
  • An empirical examination of the corporate social performance – the financial performance relationship in China based on the different measures perspective
  • The measure of intrinsic value and bubble: application of an improved Ohlson LIM model to Chinese A-stock
  • SAD effect on the return volatility and dynamic relevance analysis among the unexpected returns in China's market indices
Additional paper
  • A survey on network neutrality: a new form of discrimination based on network profiling

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