31 May 2009

Special issue: Agricultural metadata and semantics

International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies 4(1/2) 2009
  • Assessment of classification and indexing of an agricultural journal based on metadata in AGRIS and CAB Abstracts databases
  • The LOM application profile for agricultural learning resources of the CGIAR
  • Ontology learning from domain specific web documents
  • A service-oriented framework for controlling invasive species in agriculture
  • Modelling and simulating work practices in agriculture
  • Developing rules and criteria for rice ontology construction
  • Towards a novel content organisation in agriculture using semantic technologies: a study with topic maps as a tool
  • An ontology-driven system architecture for precision agriculture applications
  • A mediator-based approach to ontology generation and querying of molecular and phenotypic cereals data
  • Using XML data integration and ontology reuse to share agricultural data
  • TrAgLor, an implementation of IEEE LOM draft standard in agriculture and life sciences
  • A framework for semantic annotation of geospatial data for agriculture
  • Applying an agricultural ontology to web-based applications

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