25 May 2009

Special issue: Achieving excellence through quality and productivity improvement

International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management 4(5/6) 2009
  • Application of QFD and VA tools in the design of an automobile
  • Flow shop operator scheduling through constraint satisfaction and constraint optimisation techniques
  • A new method in selective assembly for components with skewed distributions
  • Low cost automation and poka yoke devices: tools for optimising production processes
  • Quality improvement of multistage and multi-response grinding processes: an insight into two different methodologies for parameter optimisation
  • A quality assessment tool for improvement planning
  • Six Sigma in services – challenges and opportunities
  • Integrating Six Sigma and maintenance excellence with QFD
  • Simulation model for the design of lean manufacturing systems – a case study
  • Business practices and information strategy in performance improvement
  • Applicability of Six Sigma for asset management

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