7 May 2009

Special issue: Environmental decision making: global problems, local solutions

International Journal of Management and Decision Making 10(3/4) 2009

Papers from the 10th Environmental Research Event (ERE) held in Sydney, Australia, 10-13 December 2006
  • Public perception of jokulhlaup hazard and risk in Iceland: implications for community education
  • A sustainable approach oriented on eco-factors: saving urban natural resources from crises
  • The effectiveness of environmental education as a tool for social inclusion: a case study
  • Specialist accommodation operations in North Queensland: barriers to the implementation of environmental management practices
  • Seeing the forest as more than its trees: local stakeholders' perceptions of natural forest benefits in Gorontalo, Indonesia
  • Utilitarian and abstract rhetorics in ecotourism and social constructionism: the power of language
  • Community awareness of the use of alternative water sources for irrigation of golf courses: a case study of a selected site within the Sydney metropolitan area
  • Environmental conservation and Aboriginal knowledge in Australia
  • Engineering as a tool for improving human habitat
  • Defining the sustainability objectives of brownfield regeneration to greenspace

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