22 June 2007

Special issue: Transportation disaster and degradation management

International Journal of Critical Infrastructures 3(3/4) 2007 is a special issue: Transportation disaster and degradation management.

Article titles:
* An evolving paradigm for managing hazardous materials transportation risk
* Requirements for transport network flow models used in reliability analysis
* Flight-delay propagation, allowing for behavioural response
* Disaster and degradation management: relevance of the concept of flexibility
* Road network unreliability: impact assessment and mitigation
* Review of pedestrian and evacuation simulations
* A framework for evaluating risk to the transportation network from terrorism and security policies
* Competitive egress behaviour: a fuzzy logic-inspired microscopic model
* Airport availability modelling: a different perspective
* Risk and vulnerability games. The anti-satellite weaponry (ASAT)
* Social values and material threat: the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection
* From complexity science to reliability efficiency: a new way of looking at complex network systems and critical infrastructures

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