3 June 2007

First issue: International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering

The first issue of International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering is now published.

This bi-monthly journal aims to bring a unique medium of communication for multidisciplinary approaches, either empirical or theoretical, to the study of engineering materials (metallic alloys, tool materials, superplastic materials, ceramics and glasses, composites, amorphous materials, nanomaterials, biomaterials, multifunctional and smart materials, engineering polymers) and their processing technologies and surface engineering.

The scope of includes original scientific papers which describe computer-aided methods of modelling, simulation and prediction for designing new engineering materials and the technological processes of the manufacturing, processing and forming of their structure and properties in the whole volume and their surface and also the description of phenomena and phase transformations appearing in those materials. The journal encourages submission of new fundamental and interdisciplinary contributions on materials science and engineering, surface engineering and computer-aided methods of modelling, simulation and prediction.

The issues addressed involve solutions of real-life problems, in which it is necessary to apply computational materials science and computational surface engineering methodologies for achieving effective results. The emphasis of the reported work is on new and original research and technological developments rather than reports on the application of existing technologies to different types of engineering materials and their processing technologies. It is committed to the highest scientific standards, judging contributions on their contents and scientific value alone, rather than on whether methods, questions, style, or language conform to the professional and academic and other customs in any particular field from nanoscopic (e.g. nanoscience and nanotechnology) to macroscopic scales.

There is a free download of papers from this issue.

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