26 June 2007

First issue: International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies - a special issue on information systems

The first issue of International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies has just been published.

The journal aims at becoming an authoritative source in teaching and learning within management, computing and information technology in a broad sense, which is of interest to educators, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners alike. The unique view is the linkage of computing and information technology to management and business and the journal will deliver excellent articles on new methods, models and practices of teaching in the era of knowledge society, as well as (teaching) cases aimed at supporting learning in academia and business settings.

This first double issue - with a free download of the papers - is a special issue: Information systems: the new research agenda, the emerging curriculum and the new teaching paradigm.

Article titles:
* Teaching in the knowledge society: an art of passion
* An interview with Michael D. Myers, President, Association for Information Systems: ''the field of IS has always been about RELATIONSHIPS, not things in themselves''
* Thoughts on the future of education in information technology
* Articulating case-based learning outcomes and assessment
* A shift in content of the IS fundamentals course
* Educating future IS professionals through real-world integration
* Business informatics as a research discipline
* Electronic case studies: a problem-based learning approach to management development
* Use of conversation theory to underpin blended learning
* The impact of social technologies on student performance in a collaborative learning environment
* Teaching appropriate ethnographic methodologies for pervasive computing
* Towards active case based learning in IS
* PASER: a curricula synthesis system based on automated problem solving

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