27 June 2007

Call for papers: Advanced Techniques Applied to Power System Protection

Call for papers: Advanced Techniques Applied to Power System Protection

A special issue of International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy

Protection systems play a fundamental role in guaranteeing the integrity and safe operation of any electrical energy system. The first protection systems were developed based on electromechanical devices employing movable parts. In a later period of development, solid-state based devices with discrete electronic components were also introduced. Although both types of devices are still widely utilised in on-operation protection systems, they are currently being replaced by microprocessor-based relays, known generically as digital or numerical relays.

The usage of digital relays has permitted that many new techniques be developed and implemented. As a consequence, protection systems are facing a very dynamic period. Modern protection systems, indeed, are truely integrated systems, consisting of communication, numerical processing, measurement and logical systems. Moreover, intelligent techniques such as evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy systems and neural networks have been widely employed for protection schemes in single equipment and power system areas. Such a scenario, which joins digital hardware with communication technologies and intelligent techniques, creates a challenging environment where protection specialists can use these elements to develop novel protection philosophies and techniques, aiming at a fast, reliable and economic protection system.

The objective of this special issue is to provide a means for the publication and interchange of information, on an international basis, on advanced techniques applied to electric power protection system.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
  • Intelligent techniques (e.g. neural networks, genetic algorithms, etc) applied to protection systems
  • Adaptive relaying
  • Communication systems dedicated to protection systems
  • Advanced signal processing techniques applied to protection systems
  • Multi-agent based protection systems
  • Wide-area protection systems based on broadband communications and time synchronous systems
  • Application of phasor measurement units (PMU) to protection systems
  • Development of unified protocols dedicated to protection systems
  • Fault location techniques
Important Dates
Full paper and proposal submission: 30 October 2007
Notification of acceptance: 30 December 2007
Revised manuscript submission: 15 February 2008
Notification of acceptance: 15 March 2008
Final paper: 15 April 2008

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