24 June 2007

Special issue: High performance grinding processes

International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 12(1/2/3) 2007 is a special issue: High performance grinding processes.

Article titles:
* Laser processing of high performance grinding wheels
* Microgrinding force predictive modelling based on microscale single grain interaction analysis
* Advanced grinding of titanium aluminides
* Thermal analysis of grind-hardening process
* Economical aspects of profiling diamond-grinding wheels
* Development of a new cutting fluid delivery system for creepfeed grinding
* Development of ultra-precision machining system for small lens mould
* Indirect measurement of grinding wheel run-out using acoustic emission
* Interaction of process and machine during high-performance grinding: towards a comprehensive simulation concept
* Development of a dressing monitoring system through artificial intelligence and acoustic maps for high performance grinding
* Mechanical and thermal behaviours of grinding acoustic emission
* Grinding titanium aluminide: subsurface damage
* Coolant and oil mist reduction in grinding processes
* Study on surface grind-hardening of SKD-11 hardened steel
* Laser dressing of resin-bond diamond grinding wheel
* Using the size effect of specific energy in grinding for work hardening
* The role of crystallographic orientation on the forces generated in ultra-precision grinding of anisotropic materials such as monocrystalline silicon
* Rotary ultrasonic machining of silicon carbide: designed experiments
* Grinding force modelling: combining dimensional analysis with response surface methodology

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