3 June 2007

Call for papers: China’s New Innovation-Oriented Strategy

Call for papers: China’s New Innovation-Oriented Strategy

A special issue of International Journal of Technology Management

China’s economy has experienced astounding growth during the last two decades and it has become the “World’s Factory.” Such a miracle has largely benefited from China’s gradual reform and opening up to the outside. Particularly important is foreign investment in this process. Nevertheless, China has never been content with its current status of being world’s manufacturing centre and it has long aspired to become a world’s technology/innovation center as well.

Since the middle 1980s, China has initiated a number of programmes to reform its innovation system and China has experienced so-called science and technology take-off since the middle 1990s. In early 2006, China announced its "Guidelines for the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Program (2006-2020)." In this programme, the Chinese government has emphasised the strategic role of indigenous innovation (zhizhu changxin), and has laid out a number of goals and detailed measures so that China will become an innovation-oriented country by 2020.

Given the ambitiousness of this programme and its implications for China itself and the world, it is important to make a critical assessment of the progress that China has made, the problems that are still present in its national innovation system, and the prospect that this new “innovation-oriented strategy” will become a success. This special issue aims to provide a forum for the discussion of above mentioned topics. In particular, we are interested in studies that are theoretically sound, empirically rich, and policy relevant. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches are welcome.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Technology transfer to China
  • Foreign R&D operations in China and Chinese firms' overseas R&D activities
  • Reforms of China's national innovation system: higher education system, government laboratories, industrial innovations, and venture capital, among others
  • Talent/human resources
  • China's high-tech industries
  • High-tech cluster building
Important Dates

Email the title of paper to Dr. Yifei Sun (although submissions without informing the editors will also be considered): 20 August, 2007
Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 30 January 2008
Notification of acceptance/rejection to authors: 30 August 2008
Submission of final manuscript: 30 October 2008

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