27 June 2007

Special issue: Environmental remediation and development

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 29(4) 2007 is a special issue: Environmental remediation and development.

Article titles:
* Estimating contaminant-flushing rates for heterogeneous aquifers
* Use of geostatistics to evaluate the monitoring well network of a TCE plume
* Water cleaning and wetland construction
* Measurement of atmospheric fluxes of radionuclides at a UK site using both direct (rain) and indirect (soils) methods
* Fabricated soils for landscape restoration: an example for scientific contribution by a public-private partnership effort
* Study of bacterial activity in fabricated soils
* Fungi in fabricated soils
* Distribution of peroxidase activity and polyamine pattern of Heliotropium europeum in potassium deficiency conditions
* Advantages of auxin analogues as plant growth and productivity regulators
* Exploratory study of some potential environmental impacts of CO2 sequestration in unmineable coal seams
* Recovering coal bed methane from deep unmineable coal seams and carbon sequestration
* The study of the recovery of highly purified terephthalic acid from alkali weight-reduction wastewater
* Computational modelling of NOx removal by selective non-catalytic reduction
* Monitoring of phytoplankton biomass and nutrients in a polluted stream

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