26 June 2007

Special issue: Innovation in healthcare operations

International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management 8(6) 2007 is a special issue: Innovation in healthcare operations, with 4 articles based on papers from the fourth
International Conference on the Management of Healthcare & Medical Technology, Aalborg, Denmark, 25–26 August 2005, organised jointly by the Association for Healthcare Technology and Management (HCTM) and the Center for Industrial Production (CIP) at Aalborg University.

Article titles:
* Managing variation through system redesign
* Balancing the surgical capacity in a hospital
* Implementation and use of an electronic health record: measuring relevance and participation in four hospitals
* Using the benefits of picture archiving and communicating systems – constraints in stakeholder governance
* The dengue fever outbreak in Hawaii: a bioterrorism model for vector-borne illnesses
* Renewing regulatory practices: the case of stem cells

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