19 June 2007

Special issue: Risk assessment and management in the minerals industry

International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 7(5) 2007 is a special issue: Risk assessment and management in the minerals industry.

Article titles:
* Mine reclamation bonding and environmental insurance
* Risk assessment as a tool to explore sustainable development issues: lessons from the Australian coal industry
* Risk management programme for occupational safety and health in surface mining operations
* Optimum short-term futures hedge using stochastic linear programming
* Flexibility valuation in operating mine decisions using real options pricing
* Mineral reserve risk in continuous-time stochastic mine valuation
* Assessment of horizontal pillar burst in deep hard rock mines
* Automation vs. human intervention: What is the best mix for optimum system performance? A case study
* Perceptions of risk in the mining industry
* Fiscal risk to West Virginia's special reclamation fund

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