3 June 2007

First issue: International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise

The first issue of International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise is now published.

Major catalysts such as deregulation, global competition, technological breakthroughs, changing customer expectations, structural changes, excess capacity, environmental concerns and less protectionism, among others, are reshaping the landscape of corporations worldwide. The assumptions about predictability, stability, and clear boundaries are becoming less valid as two factors, by no means exhaustive, have a clear impact on the nature of the competitive space and are changing the sources of competitive advantage of firms and industries in new and unpredictable ways: agents with knowledge and interactions.
The journal provides a global forum for exchanging research findings on new concepts of strategy and organisation as the competitiveness of companies increasingly depends upon exploiting the new strategic potentials of intellect and service technologies.

There is a free download of the papers from this issue

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