11 June 2007

Special issue: Making sense of the e-phenomenon

International Journal of Information Technology and Management 6(2/3/4) 2007 is a special issue: Making sense of the e-phenomenon.

Article titles:
* What is e-business and does it still matter?
* Understanding e-government (G2C) in the knowledge society
* Electronic service delivery in a multi-channel public sector: an assessment of the government of Canada
* E-health: essential and eagerly awaited?
* From e-learning to games-based e-learning: using interactive technologies in teaching an IS course
* Critical success factors in introducing e-learning
* Privacy as a shared feature of the e-phenomenon: a comparison of privacy policies in e-government, e-commerce and e-teaching
* The phenomenon of e-business networking: a critical review
* Going virtual in the e-world – an environment-adaptation perspective on organisational virtuality
* E-supply chains: understanding current and future opportunities and barriers
* Emerging business models and trends in the mobile wireless industry
* Stages of e-democracy: towards an open-source political model
* A conceptual model for e-commerce adoption in developing countries: a task-technology fit perspective

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