7 April 2011

Special issue: The never-ending quest for a competitive edge in higher education

International Journal of Management in Education 5(2/3) 2011
  • Historical perspectives on US business organisations, strategy, and higher education institutions
  • Creating a competitive advantage in Higher Education Institutions: proposal and test of a conceptual model
  • Do research and education matter to business school rankings?
  • The financial viability of exporting graduate business education in a developing economy
  • Strategic success in international education: a multiple case study analysis of educational partnerships between Canada and China
  • An academic college in the front lines of war: a study of organisational coping
  • Realisation of a vision: a case study of the focus-differentiation strategy implemented by the University of Puget Sound
  • Role of brand related factors in influencing students' choice in Higher Education (HE) market
  • Telecommuting in higher education: faculty perceptions of strategic implications for traditional postsecondary institutions
  • Strategic direction for high demand degrees: an analysis of the US pharmacy degree competitive market
  • Impact of class selection reasons on online student performance: an Operations Management case study

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