15 April 2011

Call for Papers: Multidisciplinary Approach to Complex Systems Design and Management: Modelling and Simulation-based Methodologies and Tools

A special issue of International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling

In recent years, modelling and simulation (M&S) has been extensively applied in different areas and domains; thanks to M&S, researchers and practitioners have been provided with the opportunity to investigate real-world complex systems behaviour considering all interacting phenomena, evolving variables and interoperable components.

Simulation models-based experimentations can recreate the intrinsic complexity of many real-world systems in which the use of other approaches (e.g. analytic approaches) usually require restrictive assumptions, limit the solutions space that can be profitably investigated, and rarely succeed in identifying proper solutions. This becomes truer when the complexity of the real world systems requires multidisciplinary approaches and cross-methodological research.

The integration of multiple approaches requires flexible modelling environments; the evaluation of multiple performance indicators needs ad-hoc models, plus input and output data analysis based on advanced statistical techniques. M&S is therefore continuously evolving towards innovative frameworks (which can be used for real-world complex systems design and management) able to incorporate advanced methodologies and tools. In such frameworks it is becoming common to adopt different simulation types (e.g. distributed, parallel, continuous, discrete), to combine simulation with intelligent agents or with artificial intelligence techniques, to use advanced tools for virtual/augmented reality and visualisation, to include human behavior, and so on.

The special issue is an opportunity to explore the potentialities of M&S in different fields, presenting both theoretical and applied case studies, multidisciplinary research and applications. Selected authors from the International Mediterranean and Latin American Modeling Multiconference 2011 (including EMSS 2011, MAS 2011, HMS 2011 and IMAACA 2011) will be invited to extend their papers by including their latest advances and results. However, we also strongly encourage researchers who did not participate in the conference to submit papers.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
  • Agent-directed simulation
  • Distributed and parallel simulation
  • Continuous and hybrid systems
  • Simulation and artificial intelligence
  • Human-centred and human-focused modelling and simulation
  • Verification, validation and accreditation
  • Petri nets and DEVS modelling and simulation
  • Simulation software and optimisation tools
  • Soft computing and modelling and simulation
  • Discrete and combined simulation
  • Agent and Service-based modelling and simulation
  • Virtual/augmented reality and visualisation
  • Real-time modelling and simulation
  • Simulation-based optimisation
  • Simulation-based design for complex systems
  • Decision support systems applications
  • Large-scale systems modelling and simulation
  • Applied control and automation
  • Simulation in healthcare
  • Simulation for emergency planning and management
Important Dates
Submission of the article for review: 1 November, 2011
Acceptance/rejection notification: 15 January, 2012
Final camera-ready version: 15 March, 2012

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