11 April 2011

Special issue: Economic policy: in search of an alternative paradigm

International Journal of Public Policy 7(1-3) 2011

Papers from the conference: Economic policy: in search of an alternative paradigm, held at Middlesex University, London, UK, 3 December 2010.
  • The failure of the new macroeconomic consensus: from non-ergodicity to the efficient markets hypothesis and back again
  • A new paradigm for macroeconomic policy
  • Deficit reduction policies, market credibility and market failure
  • From wage suppression to sovereign debt crisis in Western Europe: who pays for the costs of the crisis?
  • The institutional dimension of new economic policy
  • Peripheral Europe's debt and German wages: the role of wage policy in the Euro area
  • A critical assessment of the financialisation process and its impact on the US labour force during the great recession
  • Countercyclical policy for Africa: institutional and economic feasibility
  • Modelling the flow of knowledge and human capital: a framework of innovative capital
  • On the institutional safeguarding of monetary policy – a post-Keynesian perspective
  • The continuity of 'autocratic presidency' in Africa's democratisation project
  • Asset price bubbles, monetary policy and financial crisis

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