24 April 2011

Special issue: Biomonitoring of atmospheric pollution: Part II

International Journal of Environment and Health 5(1/2) 2011

Papers from the 5th International Workshop on Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution (BioMAP-5) held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 20 - 24 September 2009.

See also International Journal of Environment and Health 4(2/3) 2010
  • Native trees for environmental quality assessment in an ecological corridor of Atlantic Forest
  • Assessment of acid-base buffering properties of Flavoparmelia caperata: influence of age and pollution exposure
  • Survey of lanthanoids in plants from a tropical region
  • Dynamics of element accumulation and release of Flavoparmelia caperata during a long-term field transplant experiment
  • Relationship between trace elemental composition in Fraxinus pennsylvanica bark and the incidence of some respiratory diseases in Cordoba, Argentina
  • Using k0-UNAA for the determination of depleted uranium in the moss biomonitoring technique
  • Evaluation of atmospheric particle dispersion at a contaminated mine using biomonitors
  • Cysteine synthesis in Scorpiurum circinatum as a suitable biomarker in air pollution monitoring
  • The scalp hair as a monitor for trace elements in biomonitoring of atmospheric pollution
  • Investigation of associations between chemical element contents in native lichens and childhood leukaemia
  • Airborne chemical elements: correlation between atmospheric levels and lichen content
  • Atmospheric chemical element pollution in an urban water-associated environment

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