7 April 2011

Call for Papers: Carbon Markets: An International Perspective

A special issue of International Journal of Global Energy Issues

Recently, carbon markets have been spreading both regionally and internationally. While there is increasing public interest in so-called emissions markets to regulate the environment, there is an even greater need for researchers to analyse the sphere of carbon markets in its globality and to encompass its complexity. This special issue of IJGEI aims at developing various applications incorporating energy- and environmentally-related issues of carbon markets.

We encourage submissions of original theoretical and empirical research papers, meta-analytic reviews, and narrative literature reviews on new developments in the sphere of carbon markets, its relationship to other energy markets and regulations, and the consequent new uses of carbon markets that may be proposed at an international and/or regional scale.

We aim to report the latest advancements in the highly interdisciplinary research and development area of carbon markets, with applications in the fields of economics, econometrics, statistics, finance, engineering, management, geography, environmental policy, climate policy and political science.

In view of this, this issue expects to enhance the state-of-the-art in instrumentation and the political insight required for managing the various problems and challenges in designing efficient and effective carbon market regulation.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to the following:
  • Energy modelling, trading, carbon finance
  • Economic modelling, engineering
  • Statistical analysis, econometrics
  • The geography of carbon markets
  • How to manage an international/regional carbon market
  • The political science theories behind the development of carbon markets
  • Specific risks related to design features of carbon markets
  • Carbon markets risk assessment
  • Data quality issues for modelling and policy evaluation
  • Design options in climate policy
  • Governance of carbon markets risks
  • Other issues related to the international/regional development of carbon markets
Important Dates
Submission deadline (early submissions encouraged): 1 September, 2011
First-round reviews: 30 October, 2011
Camera-ready version: 15 December, 2011

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