15 April 2011

Call for Papers: Electric Discharge-based Multi-scale Machining Processes and Systems

A special issue of International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems

The objective of this special issue is to inform readers of recent trends and advances in the modelling of multi-scale electric discharge machining (EDM) processes. In addition, the issue aims to inform readers of research and technological advances in newer EDM systems design and development.

EDM is recognised as one of the most vital manufacturing processes, with the widest possible reach in terms of applications. The process has been successfully developed across all scales including meso-, micro- and nano-scales. On the meso-scale, superior EDM process control strategies are being evolved to obtain better correlation between processing parameters and the accuracy and quality of features fabricated using the process.

Micro-scale applications of the EDM process are pioneered by the evolution of ‘micromachining’ processes which aim to fabricate products or features of a size of around a few hundredths of a micrometer or smaller. Among the various micromachining processes, micro-EDM is known to have many applications. In the recent past, several variants of the micro-scale EDM process have evolved; these include EDM drilling, EDM milling, reverse EDM, etc.

The focus of the research and development activities relating to these processes include in-depth analysis of the process, quality, accuracy and integrity of newly developed surfaces/features, and innovative measures to improve their productivity.

Needless to say, EDM process variants at all scales have provided impetus for the development of specific machining systems. Numerous ED machining systems have been developed for performing micro- and nano-scale EDM. These systems use newer control strategies and optimisation methodologies to perform the EDM processes.

We invite the submission of high quality articles focusing on in-depth research and innovative applications of the EDM process on various scales. The scope of the issue also encompasses the design and development of multi-scale EDM systems for various applications.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Modelling of removal phenomena in EDM at various scales
  • Modelling of quality, accuracy and integrity of surfaces/features fabricated using EDM at various scales
  • Parametric analysis of EDM processes elucidating process physics and/or scaling effects
  • Productivity, tool wear, control strategies and optimisation of EDM processes
  • Applications of the EDM process to machine 'difficult-to-machine' and new generation materials
  • Innovative applications of the EDM process to fabricate micro-/nano-structures and precision components
  • Design and development of novel EDM systems for applications at various scales
Important Date
Submission due date: 31 July, 2011

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