13 April 2011

Special issue: Building urban resilience to climate change

International Journal of Sustainable Development 14(1/2) 2011

Papers from the international conference The Mediterranean city facing climate change: innovation, investment, governance for a low-carbon city held in Athens, Greece, 10-12 January 2008.
  • The Mediterranean urban development: a lesson of sustainability for the world
  • Exploring the direct and indirect effects of urban form on travel choices. The case of Athens, Greece
  • The study of summer-time heat island, built form and fabric in a densely built urban environment in compact Chinese cities: Hong Kong, Guangzhou
  • Environmental design in domestic ancient Greek architecture
  • Directives towards a sustainable urban rehabilitation process in old cities
  • Exploring a South-European eco-neighbourhood model: planning forms, constraints of implementation and emerging resilience practices
  • Perspectives of local public-private partnerships towards urban sustainability in Greece
  • Towards sustainable planning in the era of climate change: spatial policies for built-up areas in Greece
  • Environmental impacts typology: a methodological proposal
  • The risks and opportunities in starting a carbon trading firm within the carbon marketplace
  • Sustainable energy: the importance of consumer awareness, acceptance, and action

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