1 April 2011

Special issue: Legal aspects of mobile commerce and pervasive computing: privacy, marketing, contracting and liability Issues

International Journal of Private Law 4(2) 2011
  • Why privacy discussions about pervasive online customer profiling should focus on the expanding roles of third-parties
  • Should geographic location data be regarded as sensitive? – some thoughts
  • A comparative analysis of legal aspects of electronic contracts in Brazil
  • What we know and what we do not know – the legal challenges for international commercial contract formation in a pervasive computing environment
  • Payments made by means of mobile phones
  • Allocating liability in the event of fraudulent use of electronic payment instruments and the Belgian mobile payment instrument PingPing
  • The liability of mobile operators for the content of independent content providers to mobile commerce networks in the European Union: does self-regulation pave the way for new EU rules?
  • From legal code to digital code: making software services rights-aware
  • Cross-border litigation and ADR mechanisms in disputes concerning mobile computing in the EU

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