15 April 2011

Call for Papers: Developing Advanced Solutions in Industry and Supply Chains: Modelling and Simulation for Building 21st Century Enterprises

A special issue of International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling

The main goal of this special issue is to investigate new solutions to challenges based on modelling and simulation (M&S) in the areas of industry and supply chains. Over the last twenty years many crises (e.g. terrorist attacks, natural disasters, financial crises) have continuously undermined the capabilities of human enterprises to survive and evolve in global markets. Crises have always introduced many risks and vulnerabilities, particularly for companies unable to react properly and adapt themselves to new competitive scenarios.

However, companies that have invested in research and development of advanced solutions and tools have always quickly adapted their structures to smooth the effects of crises, achieving control of business efficiency and reducing risks and vulnerabilities.

In such a context, M&S must be regarded as a critical technology; the United States has recently recognised M&S as one of the technologies “most essential to develop in order to ensure long-tem security and economic prosperity”. This issue therefore focuses on M&S as critical technology for building 21st century enterprises. The application of simulation to new fields, theoretical solutions based on M&S, and multidisciplinary approaches involving simulation as trait d’union may be profitably used for facing new 21st research challenges and developing advanced solutions in industry and supply chains.

The issue will include extended versions (including latest results and advances) of the best papers submitted and presented at the International Mediterranean and Latin American Modeling Multiconference 2011 (including EMSS 2011, MAS 2011, HMS 2011 and IMAACA 2011). However, we also strongly encourage researchers who did not participate in the conference to submit papers.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Industrial processes modelling and simulation
  • Advanced models and applications in logistics and manufacturing
  • Modelling and simulation in logistics, traffic and transportation
  • Supply chain management
  • Supply chain risk and vulnerability
  • Economic, social, business and environmental challenges in sustainable supply chains
  • Emergency planning and management in supply chains
  • Inventory management and logistics simulation
  • Reverse logistics and forecast methods
  • Multimodal transports
  • Transport system design and management based on modelling and simulation
  • Decision support systems applications based on modelling and simulation
  • Modelling and simulation in business management
  • Industry automation
  • Greening the supply chain and environmental sustainability
  • Greening industrial operations
  • Training in industry based on modelling and simulation
  • Training in logistics based on modelling and simulation
  • Simulation optimisation approaches in industry, services and logistics processes
  • Production systems design
  • New production strategies and just-in-time paradigms
  • Enterprises' interoperability based on modelling and simulation
  • Modelling and simulation in food, beverage and perishable goods industries
For further information about topics, please refer to the Tracks and Topics web page of each conference (EMSS 2011, HMS 2011, MAS 2011, and IMAACA 2011).

Important Dates
Submission of article for review: 1 November, 2011
Acceptance/rejection notification: 15 January, 2012
Final camera-ready version: 15 March, 2012

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