17 June 2008

Special issue: Tooling materials and their applications from research to market

International Journal of Microstructure and Materials Properties 3(2/3) 2008

Papers from the the 7th International Tooling Conference: Tooling materials and their applications from research to market held in Turin, Italy 2-5 May 2006
  • Thermal fatigue behaviour of hot-work tool steels: heat check nucleation and growth
  • Influence of aging on microstructure and toughness of die-casting die steels
  • Properties of double dispersed tool steels
  • Austempering effect on structure properties and performances of hot-work tool steel
  • Toughness and microstructure stability in hot-working tool steels subjected to washout in molten aluminium
  • Micro-abrasive wear of boride layers on AISI D2 tool steel produced by the thermoreactive process
  • Examination on surface films of plasma nitrided and post-stream oxidised H13 steel
  • Developing PVD zirconium-oxide coatings for use of thixoforming of steel
  • Laser shock processing as a method of decreasing fatigue of a die-casting die made of maraging steel
  • Identification and validation of a continuum damage model applied for the lifetime prediction of H11 tool steel
  • Damage mechanisms in materials for cold forging dies under loading conditions typical for dies
  • Size effect in transient thermal fatigue testing and thermo-mechanical screening of coatings
  • Cyclic behaviour simulation of X38CRMOV5-47HRC (AISI H11)-tempered martensitic hot-work tool steel
  • Experimental conditions and environment effects on thermal fatigue damage accumulation and life of die-casting steel X38CrMoV5 (AISI H11)
  • Fatigue–oxidation interaction models for life prediction of hot-forming tools steels under transient thermomechanical loadings
  • Thermal fatigue properties of hot-work tool steels
  • Isothermal aging kinetics of NiAl precipitates in a secondary hardening steel
  • Deep cryogenic treatment of AISI M2 high-speed steel
  • Advanced low-friction tool steel for metal processing: properties and industrial experiences
  • On adhesion of work material in metal forming
  • Profile and shape grinding of high alloyed steels
  • A study of the strengthening mechanisms in the novel precipitation-hardening KeyLos® 2001 steel
  • Adaptive system for electrically driven thermoregulation of moulds for injection moulding

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