29 June 2008

Special issue: Successfully creating new products and services: XV ISPIM Conference

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management 8(2) 2008

Papers from the XV International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Conference held in Oslo, Norway 20-24 June 2004
  • Measurement criteria of the relevance of the Innovation Management methods and tools
  • The exploration of future service innovations in the radically changing business environment within the electricity distribution industry
  • innovationEnterprizer: system for evaluating and managing corporate innovation
  • Information behaviour in value characteristics deployment approach to increasing customer satisfaction by combining product and service
  • Proximity, mobility and aesthetics in strategies for innovation management
  • Systems thinking and learning in innovation process
  • In search of corporate renewal: focus on corporate venturing
  • Discovering business innovation, channel collaboration and value delivery in international research odyssey

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