7 June 2008

Special issue: Effects of environmental changes on population health and biodiversity in the Southern Pacific Basin

International Journal of Environment and Health 2(1) 2008
  • Understanding biological impacts of ENSO on the eastern Pacific: an evolving scenario
  • Effects of climate change generated by southern oscillation on human health
  • ENSO and cholera in South America: what can we learn about it from the 1991 cholera outbreak?
  • A statistical model for assessing the relationship between meteorological variables and the incidence of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax in a Peruvian endemic area
  • Effects of ENSO 1997–1998 on the distribution of small pelagic fish off the west coast of Baja California
  • Effects of dredging on subtidal macrobenthic community structure in Mejillones Bay, Chile
  • Diatoms as bioindicators of pollution in the Mantaro River, Central Andes, Peru
  • Hypoxia and other environmental factors at high altitude
  • Improved drinking water and diarrhoeal morbidity and mortality in developing countries: a critical review

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