4 June 2008

Call for papers: Advances in Drilling of Composite Materials

Call for papers: Advances in Drilling of Composite Materials

A special issue of International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials

Nowadays, the use of composite materials has increased in various areas of science and technology due to their special properties, namely for these application in aircraft, automotive, defence and aerospace as well others advanced industries. Drilling is a frequently practiced machining process in modern industry owing to the need for component assembly in composite structures. Articles with experimental and computational methods applied in drilling of composites are welcome.

This special issue invites the submission of high quality research articles related to experimental and computational topics on drilling of composites (polymeric matrix composites (PMCs); metal matrix composites (MMCs); ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), hybrid composites, etc).

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Drilling technology: drills and special drills, cutting parameters, cutting forces, cutting temperatures, chips, tool wear and tool life, hole surface roughness
  • Modelling of conventional drilling: analytical and numerical models
  • Structural damage: evaluation methods, delamination and others types of damage
  • Non traditional drilling processes: laser, water jet (WJ), abrasive water jet (AWJ), etc
  • Microdrilling technology
  • Artificial intelligence applied to drilling of composite materials
Important Date
Submission: 30 June 2009

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