29 June 2008

Special issue: Advances in machining of composite materials

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 32(2/3) 2008
  • Damage modes of the aeronautic multidirectional carbon/epoxy composite T300/914 in machining
  • Working parameters effects on machining-induced damage of fibre-reinforced composites: numerical simulation analysis
  • Model for predicting cutting forces in machining CFRP
  • Orthogonal machining of UD-CFRP composites
  • Analysis of delamination in drilling composite materials by core-saw drill
  • The geometrical effect between stages in step drilling of composite materials
  • Prediction of thrust force and torque when drilling composite materials
  • Damage analysis of carbon/epoxy plates after drilling
  • Predicting machinability parameters on drilling Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics using Response Surface Methodology
  • An experimental and statistical study on the effect of drill geometries on force and hole quality in drilling of glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Neural surface roughness models of CNC machined Glass Fibre Reinforced Composites
  • Multi-parameter surface roughness analysis in turning of polyamide composite using Polycrystalline Diamond tool
  • The experimental study on machinability of new developed Al/(Sip+SiCp)
  • Development of an empirical model for surface roughness in the machining of Al/SiC particulate composites by PCD tool
  • Modelling cutting power and tool wear in turning of aluminium matrix composites using Artificial Neural Networks

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