7 June 2008

Special issue: Innovative pedagogy in sport management and marketing

International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing 4(2/3) 2008
  • International sport management: creating an international learning and teaching community
  • 'Making the case' for using the case method in sport management education
  • Authentic assessment in a sport management degree granting programme: design elements for a sport and law course
  • Diversity training in a sport management class: the effects of different frames on students' attitudes towards organisational diversity
  • Are we teaching corporate citizens? Examining corporate social responsibility and sport management pedagogy
  • Teaching sport sponsorship sales through experiential learning
  • Innovative pedagogy in sport marketing: the annual SPAD field trip
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of role playing in the sport management curriculum
  • Applying Wilber's All Quadrant, All Level (AQAL) Integral approach to sport management internship curricula

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