29 June 2008

Special issue: Integrated disaster risk management in the Asia-Pacific Region

International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 8(4) 2008
  • Evaluation method of flood disaster loss based on genetic algorithm of changeable structure
  • Matter-element model of integrated risk assessment for flood control systems
  • Assessment of public risk perception in North-western China
  • Research on geologic hazard risk management in China based on geologic hazard survey and zoning
  • A decision support system for debris-flow hazard mitigation in towns based on numerical simulation: a case study at Dongchuan, Yunnan Province
  • Main meteorological disasters and their impacts on the economic and societal developments in China
  • Indigenous knowledge and culture on natural resources management in the Salween canyon, Yunnan Province, China
  • An application of SCGE model to assess the labour and capital related economic loss in Nankai earthquake
  • Probabilistic exposure assessment to total trihalomethanes in drinking water: an EVT method
  • Impact of natural disaster on the national economies in China
  • The attitudes of university students towards crisis events: a survey in Beijing
  • Households' choice on reconstruction of a damaged house after an earthquake: characteristics of decisions and effects of subsidies

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