22 June 2008

Call for papers: Innovative Cutting Tool Technologies for Modern Machining Challenges

Call for papers: Innovative Cutting Tool Technologies for Modern Machining Challenges

A special issue of International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems

With over 100-years of development, the “cutting tool” is still one of the key elements inseparable from high-productivity, high-precision machining operations. Driven by advanced material processing and fabrications, cutting tools have been evolving to have, e.g., the hardest-ever coating and the smallest-ever configuration. In parallel, many emerging machining technologies, such as micro-scale machining, minimum-lubrication machining, and machining of abrasive materials, etc., all require new cutting tools with performance uncharacteristic of conventional tooling. These cutting tools, either with unique materials or geometry, encounter sophisticated loading during machining and exhibit distinct thermomechanical behaviour. In addition, tool wear monitoring using new sensor technologies and tool life predictions using neural network approaches, etc. are equally important to advance the overall production and manufacturing systems.

This special issue emphasises innovative technologies and methodologies related to fundamentals and practices of cutting tools. We invite the submission of high quality research papers related to various aspects of cutting tools, including cutting tool developments, material structures related to tool performance, as well as tool wear monitoring and tool life predictions.

Suitable topics include but are not related to:
  • Cutting tools for meso/micro-scale machining
  • Tool materials with extreme properties and structures
  • Cutting tools with advanced coatings, coated drills or endmills, etc.
  • Novel tool wear/failure monitoring
  • Tool life predictions using advanced statistical approaches
Important Date
Submission: 30 August 2008

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