3 June 2008

Special issue: Marketing in small- and medium-sized enterprises

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 6(2) 2008
  • An exploratory study conceptualising marketing thought in entrepreneurial medium-sized firms in high-tech and conventional industries in France, Germany and Italy
  • Cross-channel cooperation: on the collaborative integration of online and offline business models of e-entrepreneurs and traditional SMEs
  • Clusters, social networks and marketing collaboration in small firms: exploratory evidence from Chile and Scotland
  • An exploratory analysis of the strategic marketing choices implemented by the UK biopharmaceutical SMEs
  • Implementation of an agile marketing approach for the manufacturing-based SME
  • Effect of customer orientation and innovativeness on business performance: a study of small-sized service retailers
  • International strategic marketing of small construction consultancy firms: the case of Cypriot firms

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