4 June 2008

Special issue: Macro-engineering: how to deal with global problems?

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 8(3) 2008
  • Aims, obstacles and potential stakeholders of macro-engineering projects
  • Two proposals for unlimited fresh water
  • Two scenarios for a solar world economy
  • Kra Canal (Thailand) excavation by nuclear-powered dredges
  • The environmental pyramid: a new way to deal with solid toxic waste
  • Antarctica: a southern hemisphere wind power station?
  • Mining water from gypsum
  • How to stop or slow down lava flows
  • Capturing the nature of cooperation, unstable cooperation and conflict over international rivers: the story of the Indus, Yarmouk, Euphrates and Tigris rivers

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Unknown said...

I have just added a long comment on my blog entitled "Conversations on Innovations"

you will find my original source David Bradley and many related links and comments

I am looking forward to following progress in this particular area "to bring my professional experience to alleviate our natural resource oriented carbon footprints".