29 June 2008

Special issue: CIBAM and the Symposium on Security, Terrorism and Business

Global Business and Economics Review 10(2) 2008

[CIBAM = Centre for International Business & Management, Judge Business School, Cambridge University]
  • CIBAM and the Symposium on 'Security, Terrorism and Business'
  • Terrorism and business
  • Ten propositions concerning security, terrorism and business
  • Not quite inexplicable: exploring the Bush administration's response to terrorism
  • The war on terror: in search of a definition
  • War on terrorism: from the bloody clash of civilisations to a nonviolent coexistence of nations and civilisations
  • Terrorism and Islamism: differences, dynamics and dilemmas
  • Unintended consequences: how Somalia's business community, in search of stability, and the USA, in search of terrorists, nearly created a radical Islamic state in the horn of Africa
  • Terrorism and business: a view from an insurance practitioner

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