22 June 2008

Special issue: Knowledge management in research-intensive organisations

International Journal of Learning and Change 3(1) 2008

Revised papers from a workshop at the 23rd European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS) colloquium, held 5-7 July 2007 in Vienna, Austria.
  • Lending a helping hand: voluntary engagement in knowledge sharing
  • 'It's not my community' – insights from social identity theory explaining community-failure
  • Knowledge management in consultancies and high-tech companies: a social systems perspective
  • Integrative technologies and knowledge gatekeepers: bridging the gap between epistemic communities in the case of stem cell science
  • Linking exploration and exploitation: how a think tank triggers a managerial innovation
Additional Papers
  • A high precision prediction model using hybrid Grey dynamic Model
  • The empirical relationship among Organisational Learning, Continuous Improvement and Performance Improvement

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