20 April 2008

Special issue: Nanofabrication of novel carbon nanostructures and nanocomposite films

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 2(1/2) 2008
  • Pyrolytic carbon-coated silicon/Carbon Nanotube composites: promising application for Li-ion batteries
  • Fabrication of Co nanostructures in carbon films
  • Nanocrystalline carbon coatings and powders for medicine
  • Growth of Carbon Nanotubes via Rapid Thermal Processing from sputtered amorphous carbon
  • Motion of Carbon Nanotubes in suspension under AC electric field
  • SnO2/ZnO double layer thin films: a novel economical preparation and investigation of sensitivity and stability of double layer gas sensors
  • Bias-Enhanced Nucleation of NCD on high-adherent diamond/Ti6Al4V films
  • Fabrication and thermal stability of Co nanopillars in diamondlike carbon films
  • Polycrystalline diamond coatings on steel substrates
  • Nanofabrication of vertically aligned Diamond Rods and Carbon Nanotubes
  • A non-probe/lithography approach to nanotrench/nanochannel fabrication
  • Clinical applications of Titanium dental implants coated with glass-reinforced Hydroxyapatite composite (Bonelike®)
  • Synthesis of zinc oxide nanopowder and nanolayer via chemical processing
  • Micromachining M42 tool steel using nanostructured titanium coatings
  • Microfinishing quenched and tempered M42 tool steels

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