24 April 2008

Call for papers: Knowledge-intensive Service Industry in China

Call for papers: Knowledge-intensive Service Industry in China

A special issue of the International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management

The knowledge-intensive service industry provides consumers with knowledge-based services, mainly relying on high technology, expertise, information and experience. The service process includes knowledge production, knowledge dissemination and knowledge use. Knowledge proliferates in the process of service, while the employees in knowledge-intensive service industry are mostly high-quality personnel. This industry is supported by science, engineering, technology and other industries, including communication services, financial services, business services (computer software, computer and data processing, research and development, engineering services and related services), education services and health care.

China's service industries have developed rapidly in the past 27 years, from 1978 to 2005 the average growth rate of service industries was more than 10%, higher than the average gross domestic product growth rate in the same period, but compared with developed countries, the output value of China's tertiary industry is low - most of the industries are labour-intensive, and the knowledge-intensive service industry is correspondingly lagging behind in China.

The knowledge of the organisation that offers service is different from the knowledge of the organisation that accepts service, which, as well as knowledge uncertainty in the service process, results in difficulties of effective organisation in the service process, long cycle services, quality instability of service, high cost of service, and relatively low customer satisfaction.

This special issue deals with issues revolving around organisational culture and management, business service models, service innovation, standardisation of service processes, human resources, client management, government policies, service industry clusters, etc.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Survey of China's knowledge-intensive service industry
  • Organisational culture and management of knowledge-intensive service firms
  • Development strategies of knowledge-intensive service firms
  • Customer relation management
  • Human resource training and management
  • Quality management and standardisation of service process
  • Knowledge-intensive service industry clusters
  • Managing core technology and competence
  • Innovation environment establishment
  • Government policies
  • Case studies
Important Dates
Contact with Guest Editors: ASAP
Submission of manuscripts: 15 September, 2008
Notification to authors: 30 October, 2008
Final versions due: 15 November 2008

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