16 April 2008

Call for papers: Information and Communication Technologies in China

Call for papers: Information and Communication Technologies in China

A special issue of International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management

China's domestic ICT industry will be strong over the next five years as China continues to upgrade its telecoms infrastructure in its drive toward global levels of productivity in its industrial output. The forecasts imply a high level of productivity from China's ICT investments, particularly as they relate to overall GDP growth. Vendors, users and government agencies should monitor these trends closely to ensure that their business and policy assumptions are valid. In particular, vendors need to understand the dynamics of the enterprise IT market to ensure proper investment, marketing strategy and distribution channel development.

No company can afford to ignore China. Every day brings more news of its dramatic economic advance and the impact it is having on the world. It seems as though practically every IT supplier must have a China strategy. However, the actual market for many IT products and services in China is surprisingly small. Despite being the world's fourth-largest economy (when measured in U.S. dollars), the Chinese market for many IT solutions designed for enterprise use can be very disappointing. For many IT suppliers, especially in advanced software or IT services, China is a potential market rather than a real one. As a general rule, the more sophisticated the level of software, the harder it will be to sell in China. Barely any Chinese organisation uses advanced business intelligence tools or knowledge management systems.

China must address critical issues if it is to achieve the goals of the current five-year plan. Education institutions, the Science and Technology Academy, research laboratories, and related government ministries are playing critical roles in shaping and implementing the policies of China's ICT industry, as well as developing a workforce possessing the skills to meet the demands of the industry.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Collaborative working environments
  • Future and emerging technologies
  • ICT for networked businesses
  • ICT research for innovative government
  • ICT and universities
  • Information society and media
  • Semantic-based knowledge and content systems
  • Technology-enhanced learning
Important Dates
Contact with Editors: ASAP
Submission of manuscripts: 30 May 2008
Notification to authors: 30 June 2008
Final versions due: 15 July 2008

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