28 April 2008

Special issue: Advanced design, manufacturing and materials for product engineering

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 31(2/3/4) 2008
  • Research on parametric optimum design for a multi medium coupling shock absorber based on dual demand for resisting violent impact and attenuating vibration
  • Study and statistical modelling of Green Sand Mould properties using RSM
  • A new approach to silicon wafer edge treatment by Ultrasonically Assisted Polishing (UAP)
  • Ultrasonic-aided Electrochemical Finishing of female screw using completely inserted electrode
  • Research on component relation network of product family and its application
  • A study on tool performance to determine the optimal cutting conditions for dry end milling of an aeroengine material: Ti-6242S
  • Effect of additional supports on surface errors in the peripheral milling of a flexible workpiece
  • Integrated CAD/CAM and numerical simulation based on subdivision methods
  • An analytic approach to the relationship of axiomatic design and robust design
  • VR collaborative and interactive design over the web: a MEMS case study
  • Parametric resonance analysis on simplified Planetary Gear Trains
  • Effect of notch size and fibre content on the tensile strength of fabric reinforced hybrid composites
  • Research on parametric analysis for stress of Plastic Ball Grid Array solder joint under shock load
  • Development of copper:alumina Metal Matrix Composite by Powder Metallurgy method
  • A new way to produce aluminised layer on austenitic refractory steel by electrolytic activated flux technique
  • Preparation and characterisation of ZnO:Ga films deposited on polyimide substrate by r.f. magnetron sputtering
  • A finite element model for micro machining considering size effect of material behaviour and tool geometry
  • Effect of temperature on nano-scale adhesion for MEMS
  • AFM/FFM study of micro/nano-tribological properties of Diamond-Like Carbon film
  • Micro machining process of high temperature pressure sensor gauge chip based on SIMOX SOI wafer
  • Dynamic characteristics of MEMS inertial devices under high g-force
  • Synthesis and characterisation of MS2 (M = Nb, Ta) nanostructures

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