24 April 2008

Call for papers: Chinese Book Publishing Industry: Development and Management

Call for papers: Chinese Book Publishing Industry: Development and Management

A special issue of the International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management

In nearly 30 years from the reform and opening of 1978, the book publishing industry in China has developed rapidly. However, this growth was largely achieved through designated ways and quantitative approaches. In the 21st century, some deep-rooted contradictions concealed by the way of growth begin to emerge.

Although Chinese publishing industry is currently in a new phase of growth compared with the first phase, the rate of growth is slowing down, especially book net sales and profits, which indicates that the actual sales and profitability for the publishing industry are declining or even moving to a negative growth rate. This phenomenon shows that while China's publishing industry continues to grow quantitatively, at the same time some of the internal factors prevalent in the past are now shifting. Furthermore, the external environment for the growth of the book publishing industry has also undergone great change. With the involvement of the WTO and the Chinese government gradually fulfilling its commitments about opening the market of cultural products to the outside world, China's cultural market is becoming a part of the global cultural market, with foreign capital access and information technology impacting on China's publishing industry. Internal and external factor changes means that China’s publishing industry is faced with a great challenge; such changes are also the main force in promoting the transformation of the growth mode of Chinese book publishing industry.

The publishing industry in China is one of the most dynamic industries in recent years. However compared with the developed countries in the world, there are still many inadequacies. There is an urgent need to strengthen China's publishing industry norms and to pay more attention to product varieties, technology, quality and innovation in order to ensure the development of publishing industry rapidly and healthily.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Branding, marketing and strategic management
  • Internationalisation of China's book publishing
  • Book publishing industry clusters
  • Collectivisation, industrialisation and the book publishing industry chain
  • Human resource traning and management
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Digital publishing and informationisation
  • Management mechanism and government polices
  • Case studies
Important Dates
Contact with Guest Editors: ASAP
Submission of manuscripts: 15 September, 2008
Notification to authors: 30 October, 2008
Final versions due: 15 November 2008

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