28 April 2008

Special issue: Biomass energy in developing countries

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 29(3) 2008
  • Kinetics of the low-temperature pyrolysis of walnut shell
  • The techno-economic assessment of biomass pyrolysis gasification system for central gas supply: a case study of Jinzhou
  • Background of biogas technology and its recent developments in Iran
  • Effects of anaerobic fermentation residue of biogas production on the yield and quality of Chinese cabbage and nutrient accumulations in soil
  • Pilot design of biomass energy resources inquiry system based on MapX: a case of Liyang city in China
  • The effects of biodiesel usage on the components of an engine
  • Combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine fuelled with methyl esters of pungam oil and rice bran oil
  • Experimental investigations on diethyl ether as fuel additive in biodiesel engine
  • A study on the development and exports outlook of palm biodiesel in Malaysia

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