22 April 2008

Call for papers: FACTS Technology Applications in Power System Studies

Call for papers: FACTS Technology Applications in Power System Studies

A special issue of International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion

In recent years, power demand increased substantially while the expansion of power generation and transmission has been severely curtailed due to limited resources and environmental restrictions. As a consequence, some transmission lines are more heavily loaded than before. This situation has necessitated a review of the traditional power system concepts and practices in order to achieve a larger stability margin, greater operating flexibility, and better utilisation of existing power systems.

The rapid development of power electronics technology has led to the development new Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices for better utilisation of existing systems. During the last two decades, a number of FACTS devices have been proposed to solve different power system problems such as power flow control, loop-flow control, load sharing among parallel corridors, voltage regulation, enhancement of transient stability, and mitigation of system oscillations. In addition, FACTS technology has gained greater interest during the last few years due to the deregulation and restructuring strategies of power systems.

The special issue focuses on of FACTS technology applications to solve different power system steady state and dynamic problems. The topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Series compensation FACTS devices
  • Shunt compensation FACTS devices
  • Series-shunt compensation FACTS devices
  • Thyristor based FACTS devices
  • GTO-based FACTS devices
  • FACTS applications to voltage stability
  • FACTS applications to low frequency stability
  • FACTS applications to transient stability
  • FACTS applications to power flow control
  • FACTS applications to congestion management
  • FACTS applications to power quality
  • Real-world installations of FACTS technology
Important Date
Deadline for submission: 30 September 2008

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